Bafta Nominations 2014


This year’s Bafta nominations were announced earlier in the week (Wednesday 8th January to be exact), and despite the fact that the awards won’t officially be awarded until (to be exact) Sunday 16th February, the nominations are in themselves cause for a minor flurry of excitement and intrigue in the PopCultureReferenced camp. Who should/shouldn’t have been nominated? Who has really deserved the accolade?

And so, not yet having seen Steve McQueen’s ’12 Years a Slave’ or the much anticipated Scorsese-DiCaprio flash-fest ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ (roll on the 17th incidentally), full verdicts on the more high-profile nominations must be postponed. However, one thing is clear, if ‘American Hustle’ does not win the award for costume design, makeup and hair something is clearly very very wrong with the whole system.


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