Stuck in a Book


Just a quick one today about getting ‘stuck in a book’ whether that means that you are stuck in it and can’t seem to gain momentum, or stuck in it because it’s so wonderful that you just can’t remove your nose from the glued-in bit at the spine.

If you check out my goodreads account (which you can see in snapshot if you scroll to the bottom of the page), it’s pretty clear that one particular, massive tome has been taking a lot of time to get through.

In the first few chapters I thought that as I got further, I would begin to speed through as the pace of action quickened and the plot thickened. Unfortunately, what seems to have happened is that although the book is OK, I think that I’m actually only reading it to find out what happens because I have invested so much time in it to not find out what the point was…I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be disappointed anyway…

The point of this rather garbled, rambling post is really to ask whether it’s worth sticking it out now that I have committed, or whether I should abandon ship and get stuck in to something else…


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