Weekly Writing Challenge: My Funny Valentine?…Sure

stupid cupid

 This week’s ‘Writing Challenge’ prompt begins with a ‘cute’ story about the prompter’s first date with their wife ‘the day after Valentine’s.’ He continues: ‘Our annual un-Valentine’s has since become an inside joke and a beloved ritual.’ All the single ladies try not to throw up…(A phrase I have shoe-horned into the tune of Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ à la Billy Mack; where he worked with Christmas I tackle vom.)

    Although, obviously very happy for the prompter and family, that off-the-cuff admission of an in-joke might not feel so great to any of the single people out there who aren’t voluntarily flying solo this Friday the 14th.

    Consequently, I have put together three ideas on how you might alternatively spend some proportion of that twenty-four hour period:

  1. Don’t combat love, love is great, that’s why the lonely aren’t generally skipping through meadows filled with butterflies. Do, however, combat the saccharin, ersatz ‘love.’ Stay in but don’t sob over a romcom watch something ‘real.’ My movie of choice? Buffalo ’66 . Not gritty realism, but a fairy tale you can get a handle on. You’ll start so curing eBay for sparkly tap shoes or red leather boots. You’ll wish somebody got you a hot chocolate and a heart-cookie this year; a dozen red roses? Forgeddaboudit.
  2. Go out on a date with your mate(s). Those saps with the roses can’t be having as much fun as you. After all, Fridays came before Valentine’s day. 
  3. And finally, if you really want to find someone this year, to spend next year’s joyous holiday with, remember: No-one likes that kid crying in the corner. Confidence Cohen. 



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