‘Prey’ ITV1 9pm | The Notes


Bicked and Bloody - John Simm as DC Marcus Farrow in ITV1's 'Prey'
Bicked and Bloody – John Simm as DC Marcus Farrow in ITV1’s ‘Prey’

Tonight at 9pm ITV will be airing the intermediary instalment of its watch-at-the-edge-of-your-seat-and-say-goodbye-to-your-fingernails copper drama starring the fantabulous John Simm and so, I thought it might be a good idea to whet your appetite with some chat about the previous/first episode.

Number 1 thing that should get you tuning in tonight, or re-watching the first episode on the ITVPlayer, is that the series has brought with it the best use of a Bic biro attack (a bicking if you will) since the one in ‘The Bourne Identity.’

Thing number 2: the police-woman from BBC3’s ‘Lip Service’ reappears here as the straight wife of John Simm’s character DS Marcus Farrow, and she is fab.

Number 3 X 3: John Simm, John Simm, John Simm. The man’s acting is unspeakably great.

Thing number 4, the story: DS Marcus (whose potentially dodgey best mate happens to be played by the same guy who played Dodgey Dot in BBC1’s ‘Line of Duty’), investigates the case of Omer Hassan whose body was found in a bog. Then, after a tense meeting with a witness in a grubby Manchester pub, DS Marcus’s wife and one son are murdered. Guess who gets (probably) framed? Only DS Marcus! who’d have thunk it?! (well we all did, what with seeing him in his grey prison trackies in the back of a prison van. Aaaanyway, DS Marcus got away, then got himself into another scrape or two, and we all hoped that the next episode would bring more clarity (doubtful).

So, although ‘Prey’ may not be layered with as much complexity as Line of Duty, it is shot in a far less irritating way, it doesn’t have the intense Mastermind-like persistent zooming in on things, it’s just pacey and griping and great. Watch it tonight!