‘The Gospel of Loki’ by Joanne M. Harris (2014) | The One Line Synopsis

A new novel by Joanne Harris was released in February. Here’s the OLS: 


Academic retelling of Norse legend revolving around Loki the Trickster, spattered with many modern colloquialisms and sparse descriptions. The guardian reckons that it must be Harris’ Loki who rules the world we live in now.


‘The Mists of Avalon’ – Marion Zimmer Bradley (1983)| The Notes


    From the length of time that it took me too get through this monster of a book and this post I wrote about getting stuck in a book (as opposed to getting stuck into one) you might guess how I feel about this book. In the end I stuck with it and was as disappointed by it as I expected (although slightly satisfied by being proven right about it).  Continue reading “‘The Mists of Avalon’ – Marion Zimmer Bradley (1983)| The Notes”

Weekly Writing Challenge: My Funny Valentine?…Sure

stupid cupid

 This week’s ‘Writing Challenge’ prompt begins with a ‘cute’ story about the prompter’s first date with their wife ‘the day after Valentine’s.’ He continues: ‘Our annual un-Valentine’s has since become an inside joke and a beloved ritual.’ All the single ladies try not to throw up…(A phrase I have shoe-horned into the tune of Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ à la Billy Mack; where he worked with Christmas I tackle vom.)

    Although, obviously very happy for the prompter and family, that off-the-cuff admission of an in-joke might not feel so great to any of the single people out there who aren’t voluntarily flying solo this Friday the 14th.

    Consequently, I have put together three ideas on how you might alternatively spend some proportion of that twenty-four hour period: Continue reading “Weekly Writing Challenge: My Funny Valentine?…Sure”

Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 words (well…some words)


This week’s writing challenge is based around the idea that a picture can speak a thousand words. I don’t know that you’ll get that many here…but you’re sure to get a few.

I am kind of cheating by using two of the captioned images, but hopefully I’ll go on to justify that… Continue reading “Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 words (well…some words)”

By Any Other Name

By any other name

On Saturday The Guardian uploaded this audio clip of JK Rowling discussing the naming of Gilderoy Lockhart and what his name conveys about him, but also about his mother and her ambitions for her son. The author’s intentions for her character are linked then to those of a character’s mother (who doesn’t even appear in the books). Continue reading “By Any Other Name”