Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound of Other People’s Silences

Rather predictably I begin with John Cage’s 4’33 (1952). The idea of silence implicates its opposite, the implicit absence of sound recalls a presence of it; silence becomes sound. Today other voices drive the conversation and pick the music while I slide back my passenger seat in silence and enjoy the noise.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: My Funny Valentine?…Sure

stupid cupid

 This week’s ‘Writing Challenge’ prompt begins with a ‘cute’ story about the prompter’s first date with their wife ‘the day after Valentine’s.’ He continues: ‘Our annual un-Valentine’s has since become an inside joke and a beloved ritual.’ All the single ladies try not to throw up…(A phrase I have shoe-horned into the tune of Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ à la Billy Mack; where he worked with Christmas I tackle vom.)

    Although, obviously very happy for the prompter and family, that off-the-cuff admission of an in-joke might not feel so great to any of the single people out there who aren’t voluntarily flying solo this Friday the 14th.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 words (well…some words)


This week’s writing challenge is based around the idea that a picture can speak a thousand words. I don’t know that you’ll get that many here…but you’re sure to get a few.

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