Beccy Ridsdel’s Surgically Enhanced Ceramic Art/Craft

Beccy Ridsdel's Ceramics. Source: This image has not been modified. 
Beccy Ridsdel’s Ceramics.

COLOSSAL has, in this post about the ‘surgically altered ceramics’ of York artist Beccy Ridsdel, once again piqued my interest. Art, craft, ceramics, chintz, subversion: I’m up and alert, twitching pink nose sniffing the air like that of a cat who has heard a tin being opened and can just catch the scent of jellied animal bits. Continue reading “Beccy Ridsdel’s Surgically Enhanced Ceramic Art/Craft”


Tenniel’s Alice – Alternative Alices (Pt. 2)

‘”…Let’s pretend there’s a way of getting through into it, somehow, Kitty. Let’s pretend the glass has gone all soft like gauze, so that we can get through. Why, it’s turning into a sort of mist now, I declare! It’ll be easy enough to get through-” She was up on the chimney-piece while she said this, though she hardly knew how she had got there. And certainly the glass was beginning to melt away, just like a bright silvery mist.’
Lewis Carroll, The Annotated Alice (Penguin Books, London: 1970), pp. 179-182

‘Enchanting Alice! Black-and-white
Has made your charm perennial;
And nought save “Chaos and old Night”
Can part you now from Tenniel’
(From a poem by Austin Dobson as quoted in The Annotated Alice (Penguin: 1970), p. 352)

If you missed my introductory post on this ‘Alternative Alice’s’ series click here (alternatively don’t and I think you’ll manage, read on, read on!). Continue reading “Tenniel’s Alice – Alternative Alices (Pt. 2)”

Alternative Alices (pt. 1)

Alice Liddell as a 'beggar-maid' in a photograph by Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll)
Alice Liddell as a ‘beggar-maid’ in a photograph by Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll)

This post about Ralph Steadman’s illustrations for Alice in Wonderland, and a sentence within it referring to Salvador Dali’s Alice heliogravures  as ‘little known,’  (which I didn’t know they were) has inspired me to begin a mini-series of blog-posts about various artist’s representations of the little/big/Liddell queen of curiosity herself. As the White Queen knew, you need to go backwards to go forwards, and so that is what we’ll do… Continue reading “Alternative Alices (pt. 1)”