‘The Gospel of Loki’ by Joanne M. Harris (2014) | The One Line Synopsis

A new novel by Joanne Harris was released in February. Here’s the OLS: 


Academic retelling of Norse legend revolving around Loki the Trickster, spattered with many modern colloquialisms and sparse descriptions. The guardian reckons that it must be Harris’ Loki who rules the world we live in now.


‘The Mists of Avalon’ – Marion Zimmer Bradley (1983)| The Notes


    From the length of time that it took me too get through this monster of a book and this post I wrote about getting stuck in a book (as opposed to getting stuck into one) you might guess how I feel about this book. In the end I stuck with it and was as disappointed by it as I expected (although slightly satisfied by being proven right about it).  Continue reading “‘The Mists of Avalon’ – Marion Zimmer Bradley (1983)| The Notes”